Fine Homes, LLC, features several home or small business services.  If you are planning to build a new home or business Fine Homes can design the structure you envision.  Experience with the needs of many previous satisfied custormers allows us to help guide customers  in avoiding missed opportunities in the design phase.  The final design will be a in the form of blueprints ready for the contractor of your choice to build.

Fine Homes can be that contractor or if you choose another contractor we can assist them as requested. At times, this will be in answering questions about the use of insulated concrete forms (ICF’s).  We sell and support PolySteel forms.  Many firms manufacture ICFs – PolySteel forms stand out  — the ties within the forms are steel, a feature that makes Polysteel forms much easier to work with. More information HERE.

Another service at Fine Homes is wood (furniture, molding, door, etc.) refinishing.  Often time and the envirnonment are not gentle to wood. Or maybe painting was wrong, the grain should be visible.  Items can be refinished or at any part of the process you can finish the job. More Here.

Working with homeowners for success.